Friday, February 14, 2014

Keynote Speaker at the Society of Women in the Petroleum Industry Houston

What a privilege to speak at the SPWP on February 13, 2014 early in the morning with a nice breakfast consisting of French toast, bacon, coffee and orange juice. Almost 70 women of the Petroleum Industry in Houston from petroleum engineers Halliburton to owners of successful companies supplying the industry. and female NOV colleagues, one of them is the Executive VP for the SPWP. 

My presentation was about Geology Applied to the Oil & Gas Sector. Feedback has been good, and I look forward to a future part II meeting. There was just one Geologist in the audience, and therefore I decided to put some slides together to give them a crash course in Geology from the rock cycle to tectonic plates and Earth's time table. I had been their keynote speaker before: 1995. Time flies (a friend of mine says, he is a pilot). I truly enjoyed it. The picture is a nice gift now being shoed off in my office. Happy Valentine Day!