Sunday, February 3, 2008

There are only four precious stones in the world!

There are only four (4) precious stones in the world, contrary to what many people believe. The word precious has evidently two meanings - and both being adjectives - can definitely confuse even to the most knowledgeable person. The funny thing about it, is that some varieties of these precious stones may be as pretty, and even more expensive than a precious stone. The value of these specimens is a function of their purity, quality, color, perfection of its crystals, size, durability (thanks to their hardness), and so forth. So don't be surprised next time you see an opal from Coober Pedy Australia in or around thousands of dollars.

In summary, these are the only four precious stones in the world, everything else even though look precious, are semiprecious stones. Of course, for the mineralogist, and experience rock collector, there are also semi-ugly and very ugly stones (good to practice pitching). What makes them gain such qualification is the opposite of the adjectives of a precious stone. Following are the only four precious stones in the world:

Diamond (multi color, sapphire (blue), emerald (green) and ruby (pink to red). Following is the description of each and every one.


Chemical Formula: C
Composition: Carbon 100.00%
Molecular Weight = 12.01 gm
Environment: Gas rich, ultra-basic diatremes from mantle depths (>30 km), and alluvial placer deposits derived from the Kimberlite (in honor of Kimberley, South Africa) rocks. Kimberlite consists of olivine, garnet, pyroxene, and calcite.
Localities: Kimberly, republic of South Africa. India. Brazil. Ural Mountains, Russia. Murfreesboro, Arkansas, USA.
Name Origin: From the Greek, adamas, meaning "invincible" or "hardest."


Chemical Formula: Al2O3
Composition: Aluminum 52.93% and Oxygen 47.07%
Empirical Formula: (Al2O3)
Environment: Contact and regionally metamorphosed rocks.
Locality: Tchainit and Yakutia, Russia.
Name Origin: Probably derived from the Sanskrit, kuruvinda, meaning "ruby."
Synonym: Leucosapphire - colorless (I do not agree, but that is what you find in the Dana classification). If it does not have the beautiful blue color, it's just plain and simple: is everything, but a sapphire!

Soon Emerald and Rubi.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, the remaining of it, and enjoy the super bowl.

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Oscar G. Shelly


PreciousGem said...

I love gems! Especially Rubi and Emerald!

marian said...

emerald is more precious of all stone because of its lustre green color that makes it rare.

D-Ray Dickey said...

I thought it was spelled Ruby, not Rubi?

Anonymous said...

hmm.. i'm waiting for the others two..

Red Penn said...

Emerald - really only a form of Beryl

Dawood Siddique said...

Nice to see..

rahat zaman said...

nice stones i have some pprecious and unique stones i want to post it on ur site how can i post it will somebody help me plz???????????????

Pearl Ezurukam said...

my name is Pearl, i have a sister called Ruby and a brother Emerald. mr. poster i refuse 2 be sad that my name is not included in your list. for all i care Pearl is rare nd precious which is why important women wear it most.

rafiu anibaba said...

i love preciousstone and wish to know much about it, as well as legislation surrounding it`s sale and marketing in uk.

Anonymous said...

Thought there were more than four??

Zaf Ali said...

Hi there -

I am also looking to start business in the uk regarding selling precious and semi precious stones- maybe we can share ideas??


Zaf Ali said...

Hi there

Can you please send me pictures of your stones?


Anonymous said...

That looks nice. I need a buyer for my gemstones including precious Opals (Ethiopian). Any one interested -

Anonymous said...

Nice to see precious stones.How i wish to possess them

TheGemLadyinLondon said...

Thank you for your contribution. I am really interested on your take of Tanzanite as its supposed to be set to sky rocket in prices and the mines are near depletion.

Unknown said...

Where are the 'Ruby' and 'Emerald' stones info?? Has this site been abandoned for some reason? I like the way the site is set up and statistics, very much. M.M.