Wednesday, January 16, 2008

XXI century's gold rush

This is my new blog, I hope you enjoy the topics. I will discuss minerals, localities, names, origins, and links to sites, so that you can discover the beautiful world of Mineralogy, and its intrinsec relation with the global economy.

I hold a BS in Geological Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of UNAM ( in Mexico City, wherein, I taught the subject of Mineralogy back in the late 80's. I served as Vicepresident of the Mexican Mineralogical Society, and moved to the USA in 1989 to work for Cooper Industries as Sales Manager for Latin America. I completed an MBA from Devry University in Houston, Texas in June 2007.

Allright, enough with the presentations, let's move foreward, and start the blog. I'll start discussing one of the most precious metals on earth: Gold.

Gold / Oro (Spanish for gold)
Name Origin: Anglo Saxon, of uncertain origin.
Chemical Formula: Au
Composition: Gold 100.00 % Au
Molecular Weight = 196.97 gm
Quartz veins and alluvial deposits.
Locality: Sierra Nevada Mountains, Nome, Alaska and many other places in the world. Link to for more location Data.

XXI Gold rush

Is the gold rush here to stay, or will our money invested in such precious metal remain flat for years to come, just the way it happened during the 80's and 90's? Is it true that gold is a great investment when there is an ongoing war? One thing is for sure: gold is going up in price, beating new records, but even so, my recommendation after careful review, for those that have some surplus money: diversify! invest just a portion of your money in gold; don't put all the eggs in one basket.

This is a good website to check the price of gold: and if you like the song "Gold" check it out: this was a song performed by the Spandau Ballet in the 80's.

Happy 2008.

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